‘Early Settlers’ Books Available from LCHGS

I just received my copy of ‘Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties’ Volume I and II. I had been looking to buy a copy for many years. These newly published copies are available from Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society for $149.95 plus $7.00 postage, tax, and handling. I put in a pre-publication order as soon as I heard they would be printed.

Here is a link to the details for ordering.

In case you have never heard of these books, they are one of the best sources for Reasor family information as well as any family originating in Lee County.

Finding a copy of Early Settlers Vol. II at the New York Public Library several years ago was great. I spent some time and money making photocopies of many pages. I was able to add many names and dates to my Family tree.

Having my own copy of both of these volumes is shure to add greatly to my tree.

My thanks go to the Book Committee of the Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society for these wonderful books.

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