Bridge in Dryden to be named after Dr. Daniel S. Reasor

A resolution was passed by the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board, which calls for one of four bridges in Lee Co. to be named after Dr. Daniel S. Reasor. The bridge work is complete however, the dedication is planned for after the completion of road construction which is anticipated to be in the spring 2004.

Agenda Item 16: Action (by single motion) on Bridge Designations, specifically (A) Route 58 Alternate over Route 619 – Lee County – Clyde W. Hobbs Memorial Bridge, (B) Route 58 Alternate over the Powell River east of Dryden – Lee County – Dr. Daniel S. Reasor Memorial Bridge, (C) Route 58 Alternate over the CSX Railroad – Lee County – Pvt. Job C. S. Cox Memorial Bridge and (D) Route 58 [not Alternate] over the Powell River – Lee County – Poteet Ferry Bridge. Referenced by attachment of Resolutions, Decision Briefs and maps.
(A-D) Moved by Mr. Bailey, seconded by Mr. Ware. Motion carried, resolutions approved.

Central Office Auditorium
1221 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia

June 19, 2003
9:00 a.m.

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