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2 thoughts on “Looking for information on relations of Reasors from Corbin,KY

  • shorttop484

    hello there.i am the grand daughter of samuel reuben and just wanted to know what typ eof information you wanted….

    • chuckreasor

      Your great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers.  My grandfather was Daniel Franklin Reasor who was about 1-2 years older than your Great grandfather.  I talked to your grandfather, Bascom, sometime in the early 90’s when my brother and I were driving north from Florida.  I have a picture I believe of your great grandfather and my grandfather taken sometime in the 1890’s.  My father, Leland, visited your grandfather sometime in the midddle 50’s and the other relatives over in Big Stone Gap, Pennington Gap and Olinger, VA.  My dad was born in Olinger, VA.  Your Great Grandfather was Samuel P. Reasor wasn’t he?