realtive of Daniel Sheffy Reasor

My name is Emma Bea Hobbs Stallings in Knoxville, Tn. Daniel Sheffy Reasor was my great grandfather on my mother’s side. Mother was Melissa Mae Reasor Hobbs, the daughter of John J. and Beatrice Reasor. Daniel Sheffy and Betsy Skaggs Reasor were Beatrice’s parents, and Peter Milton and Melissa Jones Reasor were John J.’s parents. I have a letter that Daniel Sheffy wrote when he was in the Civil War and was captured at Cumberland Gap and walked to prison in Ohio.

Also I have a picture of him in his uniform, but with a top hat. From his home in Deep Springs, I have the cherry drop-leaf dining room table and the cherry Jackson press that was his medicine chest, still with the wooden arm that held the scales. I have some other pieces of furniture from his home, and they’re very special to me. I’m proud of my Virginia antiques here in Tennessee. My e-mail is

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