Perter S Reasor and John Jay Reasor 1

My maiden name was Carma Leta Reasor. My father was Peter S. Reasor, born 6-12-1882. His father was John Jay Reasor. His grandfather was Daniel Reasor. My father’s mother was Amanda Pennington Reasor. My father Peter married Ora Lee Dunn York and raised eight children in Atoka, Oklahoma.

See pictures of Peter S and John Jay, here

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One thought on “Perter S Reasor and John Jay Reasor

  • Kassi Hunt

    My Great Grandfather was Fulton “Dude” Reasor and I am trying to search information on his family tree to see if there were any indian descent on The Reasor side. I know his mother Ora Lee was Cherokee but where does the Choctaw come from. Someone that has any information please help!!?? And I was unaware of you Carma? I knew there is a Lennie, Seth, Eugene, and many others But I have found nothing that speaks of you. Was your mother Ora Lee??